Prayer Strategies 1

Prayer Closet (Matthew 6:6) , Prayer walk, Two Chairs, At Church (Luke 2:36-37), on the Battlefield (Joshua 10:12-13), have you ever asked yourself if there is a proper place to pray? What is the best strategy? Actually, do you even have a prayer strategy?

As anything else in life, if you have a strategy you are much closer to achieving your goals. By the way, did you know that only 3% of people have written Goals? It is probably fair to guess that even less that that have a prayer strategy. No wonder why so many people are frustrated and feel un-answered by God.

In sales we know that if you want one single sale it takes 10 client meetings, and to get 10 client meetings it takes about 200 cold calls (or emails, or text, etc.). 98% of a salesman’s time is spent listening to rejection and only 2% actually selling something, yet they are among the highest paid professionals. Not because they sell, but because they don’t quit. No I’m not a sales guy, but working with the Ziglar Corporation for so many years I got this down.

So if you are asking God for money or a job, God is asking you “Why?” Why do you want this money? And you would answer, “to pay my bills!!”. Then what? More money to pay more bills, God would ask? Then what? 

You are basically asking God to keep you in the hole you got yourself into. Getting money to pay your bills is not solving the big problem, it is just giving YOU a little bit of peace of mind. But Not God. He sees your future and He sees what benefit or harm your prayer may do for you.

God is not Santa Claus. He actually cares that you fix your stuff, just as a good father would. And if lighting a little fire under your but will make you move faster, He is all about that.

God is not in the Entertainment business, he is in the Education business.

We have a lot more to talk over strategy, so I’ll keep on this topic for a while. Meanwhile, ask yourself “why”

Tip: a good book to read is “The Purpose Driven Life – Rick Warren”