Suppose one of you wants to build a tower

“Suppose one of you wants to build a tower. Won’t you first sit down and estimate the cost to see if you have enough money to complete it? Luke 14:28

And find the best way to do it and the right people? The bible is filled with verses that tell us God will provide, but WE have to do the work. I said this before, God is not a genie that you can rub the bible and pop come out Jesus to grant you 3 wishes. God is a father that wants to educate you. Would you go to school on behalf of your kids? Would you go to work on behalf of your kids? Would you break your heart, break bones, do everything for your kids? I’m sure you are quite tempted to say yes, and some may even be doing it right now. But when you do something on behalf of someone else, that someone else is not learning. Is not becoming educated.

God cares so much about you that He wants you to do it, to learn it, to experience it so you can thrive and help others thrive. And the best way to do something is by planning it. By establishing SMART goals. SMART is actually an acronym 

  • Specific: Well defined, clear
  • Measurable: You can track the progress
  • Achievable: Attainable and not impossible to achieve
  • Realistic: Relevant to your life purpose
  • Timely: With a clearly defined timeline, including a starting date and a target date

This is not a Goal Setting course, but if this is the first time you heard of SMART goals, I strongly suggest you go take one. Ziglar Inc has some great tools, as does Franklin Covey, Brian Tracy and others.

But two things I can tell you now from my 30+ year business career in corporate as well as business owner where I had the honor and privilege to film countless icons in the business world is: 1 – Nothing happens overnight (prayer warriors may disagree) but in general Success or achieving a goal is a sum total of hundreds of small little bitty successes or goals and 2 – Persistency.

And I close with this “The Hare & the Tortoise” It does not matter how fast and good you are if you are not persistent.

Isaiah 32:8 “But the noble make noble plans, and by noble deeds they stand.”

Bonus, check Jim Collins 3 circles. The formula for acquiring ultimate clarity in business or life.

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