I don’t know Adam and Eve, why do I have to suffer for their bad choice?

If God is so powerful and loving, why does He allow Evil?

Something went bad in Heaven. Lucifer (The Morning Star) revolted against God and it was casted out of Heaven. “Jesus: I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven.” Luke 10:18 

But he did not come alone. He took ⅓ of Angels with him (Revelation 12:4). A bit further in Revelation the Dragon or the Devil was trying to stop Mary but he could not;
Then the dragon was enraged at the woman and went off to wage war against the rest of her offspring—those who keep God’s commands and hold fast their testimony about Jesus.” Revelation 12:17

So Evil is here “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy” John 10:10

But why in the World God allows that!?

No,’ he answered, ‘because while you are pulling the weeds, you may uproot the wheat with them.” I suggest you read the whole thing – Matthew 13:24-30

Another explanation that came into my head while I was pondering over this matter is gravity. Gravity pulls you down, makes you heavy, tired … but is also a force that HOLDS EVERYTHING TOGETHER. Without gravity we would be flying in all directions erratically, and if you want to go even further in the science spectrum, your cells would not be together, the atoms would not exist, the Universe would not exist.

But when you accept gravity and you “play” against it, it makes you strong. The heavier the weight you lift, the stronger you become. The more gravity you fight against, the stronger you become. And knowing that you can fall down at any time, makes you alert when you walk. Lastly, rocket scientists use planetary gravity to propel rockets further in space to reach distances that would not be possible with the existing technology (just Google this, is truly rocket science).

So when you face adversities, when you are pulled down, use this force to propel you further than you could ever imagine.

The Lord has made everything for its own purpose, Even the wicked for the day of evil.” Proverbs 16:4

Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.” Romans 12:21

So ultimately is your choice. If you fall down you can stay down or
You get back up and fight.

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