Is there such a thing as just a little sin?

Sometimes we lie to protect our loved ones. And we don’t even call it a lie. We call it omitting the truth. 

When we hear a bad medical prognostic we tend to “lie” to our loved ones to protect them from the harsh truth. When your wife asks you if she looks fat (this one is a lost cause, because either way you go to hell). 

So if lying is a sin and we lie to protect others, are we condemned to go to hell?

Sugar! The delicious temptation we invented. (Hang in there, there is a purpose for this side talk)

Who does not like sugar? Not the pure version of if but what we make with it. Sugar, milk and coco and you have chocolate. Probably the most desired sweet in the world. Or you freeze this mixture you have ice cream. Mix it with flour and butter and you have the most amazing pastries your soul desires. Put it in ice cold carbonated water, add some flavors and you have the drinks of choice for almost the entire world population. It’s almost unlimited the choices we have to consume sugar. It’s cheap, readily available and widely accepted. We give it to our babies! It is a reward. Nothing better than a “little sugary treat” when we are stressed, tired, worried, bored … well pretty much any mood state deserves a sweet treat.

And I am addicted. I love any sort of way we come up to disguise sugar. BUT I have a problem. I have a mild version of rheumatoid arthritis and sugar makes it worse. Everytime I go out on a sugar eating spree I feel it in my bones, literally. Now the secret of health is moderation, right? 

Would you drink arsenic? Of course no. It’s poison and you can die. But what if I diluted a tiny amount and fed you in a delicious treat? Some even believe that it has health benefits. But if you take it daily, what if this tiny amount builds up in your body and ultimately kills you? This happens a lot with metals. Aluminium found in deodorant, mercury in fish, etc. A tiny little amount that if you continue to ingest will ultimately kill you. Just like sugar.  Everytime you eat sugar it damages a tiny little piece of your body. If you stop it will recover, rebuild, redeem. But if you keep eating the problem will only grow till you are dead.

And that is how sin works. A tiny little sin is not enough to kill you spiritually, but if you continue to sin eventually it will.

But it is hard to avoid sugar!!!!!! I don’t have an answer on how to avoid an addiction but I do have one on how to avoid sin.

“pray without ceasing” 1 Thessalonians 5:17

The more you fill yourself with God, the less space you have for sin. Is that simple.

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