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Hi, I’m Andy Costa.

Emmy award winner filmmaker. I specialize in Documentaries and Corporate video production.

Throughout my career I was blessed with opportunities to film or interview best selling authors and extremely successful people such as, Dave Ramsey, Seth Godin, Bob Beaudine, John Maxwell, Donald Miller, Tom Ziglar, Howard Partridge and numerous professional athletes.

My films mostly focus on success. How one became successful with the tools they had and yes, most of them came from nothing. Broken families, poverty, bankruptcy. Yet, they all managed to succeed and become self made millionaires.

In this series of short videos I bring to you highlights of those interviews, as well as the lessons I’ve learned from them.

I’m sure you will find value on those short videos. It’s my gift to you. Free! Not asking for anything in return. I want to bless you with the knowledge it was given to me.

Each video will play for one week and one week only because I don’t really have the rights to use those. While I was the one producing them I was paid by my clients to make them. So my clients own the rights.

Make sure you subscribe to be the first to know when a new video is up. Take notes and put them to good use. Again, the video will be gone after 7 days and can’t be seen anywhere else on my website.

Make sure you take advantage of this free opportunity. And if you do, I am positive it will change your life.

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